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Capes Luniverse Newsletter #9 10/21-10/25/2019

Welcome back to the Capes and Lunatics Newsletter. We’ve got a nice full week for you on both podcasts!

Capes and Lunatics Podcast


Capes and Lunatics Episode #127

This week Phil , Charlie, Lilith and Tyler discuss The Batman movie casting Catwoman and The Riddler, Crisis on Infinite Earths news, this weeks new comics and much more!


Nightwing News Episode #15

This month Phil and Kristen discuss Nightwing #65, review Titans season 2 episodes 3-7, and Kristen’s review of Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans.


Superconnectivity Episode #259

This week Charlie and Phil discuss the Disney+ 3 hour trailer, the upcoming HBO Watchmen series, and new Marvel comics including History of the Marvel Universe #4 and Captain America #15!


Who Podcasts the Watchmen? Episode #11

The Who Podcasts the Watchmen? Podcast returns as Phil and Tyler review the first episode of HBO’s Watchmen series “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice”.


JonesCast Episode S3E11

This Week, Charlie and Mozz review Jessica Jones season 3 episode 11, “AKA Hellcat”.

Capes and Lunatics Sidekicks Podcast


Legends of the Arrowverse Episode #11

Phil and Lilith review Batwoman S1E2 “The Rabbit Hole”, Supergirl S5E2 “Stranger Beside Me”, Black Lightning S3E2 “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two”, The Flash S6E2 “A Flash of the Lightning” and Arrow S8E1 “Starling City”.


Ultimate Spider-Cast Episode #43

Phil and Lilith discuss another spooktacular Spider-Man tale for the Halloween season in the form of Spider-Man Unlimited #21 (August 1998) featuring Spider-Man’s encounter with the Frankenstein monster, a hunchback, and an excited ex-girlfriend.


Angel Chronicles Episode #44

Phil and Lilith conclude the second year of their summer series reviewing the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff series Angel. This week they review Angel season 2 episode 22 “There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb”.


Wade’s World: The Deadpool Podcast Episode #91

Phil and Lilith review Deadpool Team-Up #897 featuring a team-up with 2 Ghost Riders and the recently released Ghost Rider #1.


The Quantum Zone Episode #84

PhilWill, and Matt continue their in-depth review of Operation: Galactic Storm with part 5 from Avengers #345 (March 1992).

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