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Capes Luniverse Newsletter #5 08/26-08/30/2019

Welcome back to the Capes and Lunatics Newsletter! Sorry we missed you last week but we’ve been busy cooking up another week of two VERY full podcasts!

Capes and Lunatics Podcast


Capes and Lunatics Episode #119

This week Phil , Charlie and Lilith discuss all the Marvel news to come out of this year’s D23 including Disney Plus series for Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. Plus Kevin Smith on a new Masters of the Universe series and new comics including Powers of X #3 and Deadpool Annual #1.


Nightwing News Episode #13

This month Phil and Kristen discuss Nightwing #63, Kristen’s review of the new Nightwing statue, the preview of Tim Drake’s new costume, and a review of the new Batman: Hush animated movie.


Superconnectivity Episode #251

This week Charlie and Phil discuss History of the Marvel Universe #2 including the Vietnam retcon, more Marvel D23 announcements including the casting of Wyatt Russell as US Agent for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, and the breakdown of the Sony/Disney talks on the future of Spider-Man movies.


Pennyworth Episode 6 Review

This week Phil and Tyler review the sixth episode of the first season of Pennyworth, “Cilla Black”.


JonesCast Episode S3E3

Charlie and Mozz review Jessica Jones season 3 episode 3, “AKA I Have No Spleen”.

Capes and Lunatics Sidekicks Podcast


Angel Chronicles Episode #35

Phil and Lilith continue the second year of their summer series reviewing the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff series Angel. This week they review Angel season 2 episode 13 “Happy Anniversary”.


Ultimate Spider-Cast Episode #35

Phil and Lilith review Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider issues #8-#13 (November 2017-March 2018) the latest appearance of the Slingers to conclude their August Slingers month.


Wade’s World: The Deadpool Podcast Episode #89

This time your anti-heroes Phil and Lilith review Deadpool issue #43 from 2000 and discuss Marvel and DC Comics merchandise and why invisibility isn’t such a great super power.


The Quantum Zone Episode #76

PhilWill, Matt and special guest Rey from the Into the Knight: A Moon Knight Podcast review What If? volume 2 #25 from 1991 that answers the question “What If the Marvel superheroes lost Atlantis Attacks”?

YouTube/GetVokl Exclusive

Greetings From Cybertron Episode #16

Phil and Matt continue their reviews of the classic Marvel Comics Transformers series with Transformers #16 from May 1986. Check out this episode and all the previous episodes ONLY on YouTube or GetVokl.

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